Wednesday, February 24, 2016


New York City has a diverse gallery scene with a long history, representing the shift in generational values and the strategies and agendas by which innovation in art has been exhibited, promoted, and sold. The culture market owes something of its legacy to galleries, most of which are privately owned. Every month a thousand galleries open all over the city. Their receptions are free and open to the public, though the uninitiated may be wary of joining in. The galleries, though they do a private business, are also spaces holding art which is accessible to the general public. There is no better way for you to witness the rise of certain art ideas and expressions, than to see them in galleries and have a chance to engage with arts professionals who job description includes a passion for the work itself, and likewise with one another. Galleries are shops of a sort, but they are also blank spaces into which can be inserted various contextual descriptions. They are a stage  upon which the drama of art and its appreciation can be continuously presented. 

Gallery Culture invites you to enter into a dialogue with the life of art. David Gibson will tour you around different gallery areas of New York City, such as Chelsea, Soho/TriBeCa, and  the Lower East Side. Mr. Gibson has had a long and involved history on the art world, with parents who were gallerists in the hey day of SoHo, and a field of family friends and art world acquaintances who were behind the scenes movers and shakers of the international art scene. He has written extensively on art and curated dozens of exhibitions.